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ילדים לומדים ומדריכה
Mobile Lab Bus
Girl studying

  An opportunity for an equal future

We founded Ofanim in 2004 with a mission to promote equal opportunities in education for children from the social and geographic periphery of Israel.

We thought that there is no more suitable way than exposure to the world of STEM, and there is no more effective way than hands-on learning to turn this vision into reality.

It turns out that we were right: in technological and scientific professions, hands-on learning is extremely significant, the sense of personal ability intensifies and the future is increasingly painted in bright and clear colors.

Graduated with a 5-unit elective subject


Satisfaction among participants


Graduates of Ofanim


Swords of Iron -Emergency Response

We are working to help our partner communities and the communities of residents who were evacuated from their homes in the fighting areas in the south and north. We built an educational program, in the fields of science and technology, which combines experiential and fun and long-term STEM exposure sessions and activities for children from the evacuated communities who are now staying in the Dead Sea area, and around the Sea of Galilee. We received requests from the representatives of the evacuated communities, emphasizing how much the relationship with Ofanim is an anchor for them in this uncertain period, requesting we continue to accompany them, in order to avoid harming educational continuity. Ofanim is determined to continue to provide an educational solution to these communities, even during the transition to a permanent housing solution. In addition, we are collaborating with our partners, business companies, in hosting children from the evacuated communities who are staying in the center of Israel, providing them with fun recreational activity together with volunteers from the company's staff.

Ofanim's activities    

?what do we do

Ofanim reaches dozens of remote towns in the periphery of Israel and runs enrichment programs for children (grades 3-9) with the aim of exposing them to new worlds of knowledge, strengthening their sense of capability and bringing them closer to the world of higher education.

?How do we do it

Through exciting hands-on enrichment programs, which include experiential learning. The participants acquire two powerful tools that will accompany them for life:   

  • Growth Mindset - "I can always grow and improve through effort and facing my challenges".     

  • Drawing a picture of the future - "I have confidence that I will succeed in what I choose to do in the future."

Programs for Elementary  school

RV1A0492 (1).jpg

Teaching Staff

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Programs for Middle Schools

סוף שנהל תשפב - גרסה 2.0 (1).png

Ofanim for Business


Ofanim Le'Tzmicha


Who we are?

Ofanim was founded in 2004 by businessman and entrepreneur Dr. Haim Dahan (awarded Midot Award for Effectiveness for social investors in 2014) with the mission to narrow educational disparities and promote equal opportunities for children in Israel's peripheral communities. Dr. Dahan collaborated with fellow entrepreneurs to conceive the original idea to  transform a bus into a mobile learning laboratory. Ofanim's mobile labs reach remote villages and towns, exposing the children to new and fascinating worlds of content, creating an accessible learning environment.

20 years of activity dedicated to advancing and advocating for the periphery!

Mobile laboratory


Ofanim was established!
First activities were in the southern area.

קבוצת ילדים מול מעבדה ניידת


Our activity is expanding to the northern region.

ילדים לומדים מדעים


Launching the "Ofanim in the Academy" program in collaboration with the Technion.

Girls standing


Ofanim in a joint venture with the Ministry of Education, as part of the  Israeli National Program for the Promotion of Excellence in Science and Mathematics.

האקתון קבוצה מנצחת


"Expanding our programs offered to middle schools" 'Ofanim-Tech'. The first hackathon competition is underway.

Mobile Lab


Ofanim celebrates twenty years of activity promoting opportunities for an equal future.


?How can I join the instructors team

Ofanim recruits instructors during the summer months, who take part in comprehensive professional and pedagogical training process. A training team that undergoes professional training by Ofanim's pedagogical training team. To send a resume - click Here.

How can we help you?

Contribution to the association's activities -  click Here.
to create cooperation -  "contact" or sent mail.

What programs does Ofanim offers, and for whom?

Ofanim has many different scientific and technological programs for children from the 3rd to the 9th grade. For more details - click Here.

?Does Ofanim have programs for teachers 

Ofanim offers teaching staff programs that combine technology and a mental axis tool. More information at "Programs for Teachers".

What is the mobile laboratory of Ofanim?

Our mobile lab is a bus that has been converted to be used as a laboratory classroom. It is equipped with all the necessary tools required for engaging in our diverse programs. It offers a one-of-a-kind, enriching, and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

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